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The need to create and implement the project ePublisher was evoked by the nowadays situation in the field of poetry. In the modern society, it has lost its specific force and vigor that have contrived humanity throughout civilization. For a long time the publishers complaint that poetry doesn’t sell any more; editions and issues in the EU countries have been reduced. Paper-based poetry collections don’t appear on the best selling books lists nor do the poets receive as much attention from the society as the prosaists. Inevitably, this has led to a loss of opportunities for the presentation of poetry works and moreover, the new generation of European poets is rarely heard.


On the other hand, the part of the general public who is interested in poetry finds it difficult to access contemporary poetry creations, because they are rarely published and circulate only among certain small groups of people and are not always reachable from the general public. Moreover, the accessibility of poetry works of foreign artists heavily depends on the reader’s language skills, because they are rarely translated to other languages. These scenarios are not so common in the field of high-level poetry, but they are particularly relevant in a context of the poetry of young, beginner and amateur contemporary poets.


Considering this present situation, the partnership agreed on the fact that new and innovative ways of creating and presenting poetry are needed. With an application of multimedia and on-line tools new opportunities to reform the ways of reaching new and enlarging audiences and also promoting poetry will be widely open. As well as introduction of innovative tools, traditional ways of poems’ presentations to the general public (public reading events, workshops, etc.) will be developed in order to foster the accessibility of the poetry works even more. The development of both the innovative and traditional ways will motivate professional and amateur poets collaborate. It is expected that this collaboration will encourage the development of emerging talents and stimulate the international mobility of poets and their creative works.


Aims, objectives and target groups

The ePublisher aims to contribute to audience development by promoting innovative ways of publishing poems of professional and amateur poets, helping them to reach new and enlarge audiences and improving access to poetry.


The specific objectives of the project are to:

- Encourage the development of new ways of poetic expression and publication of poetry;

- Contribute to innovation (application of modern ICT) in the field of culture;

- Encourage flexibility of presenting creative works of poets;

- Increase society’s interest in poetry in each partner country;

- Involve general public in poetry creation and/or translation;

- Foster cross-cultural cooperation among poets and support their capacity to collaborate internationally;

- Promote international circulation of contemporary poetry;

- Motivate amateur poets to exhibit their creative texts;

- Foster the development of emerging talents in the field of poetry;

- Promote less widely used European languages (LWUEL) and multilingualism;

- Promote active citizenship and pride of national as well as European identity.


The target group reached by the project is:

- professional poets;

- amateur poets;

- students participating in philology, creative writing and/or translation studies or courses;

- poet communities;

- organizations and associations working in the field of culture and arts;

- local authorities working in the field of culture and arts;

- general public interested in poetry.


Outputs and expected outcomes

ePublisher focuses on developing on-line tools for collaborative creation and translation of poems and their publication as well as implementing poetry promotion events.


Main outputs of the project will be:

- Network of associated partners, which will be established at the beginning of the project with cultural and art institutions and organizations, poet and translator communities, etc. which will highly contribute to the dissemination activities as well as exploitation of project products and results.

- Analysis of existing portals supporting on-line poetry writing.

- Website, which will serve as a multilingual international platform for users (professional and amateur poets and translators) to set up their profiles, publish their poems, translate them, participate in collective on-line poetry creation and translation, comment on and evaluate the work of others.

- Poetry platform on the website where each partner will organize the on-line collective poetry creation and translation among registered participants by identifying poets and translators who will be responsible for the moderation of poetry platform.

- On-line poetry writing games on the website which will help to increase general interest in poetry through innovative ways to create poems (the use of ICT).

- On-line poetry library will contain all the published works representing each partner country. The poets will have the possibility to publish written poems as well as video and audio poems.

- Local poetry promotion events such as poetry reading events in public places, excursions to local poetry places. One of the significantly attractive and innovative events will be video projections of poetry texts (selected from the on-line library) on buildings’ walls.

- International poetry festivals will be organized in each partner country. The representatives of the partner countries (including poets) will be invited to participate in the festivals.

- Booklet which will present project products and results.

- Documentary films created by each partner country on the international poetry festivals.


Main outcomes of the project will be the possibility for professional and amateur poets to meet and collaborate within the network of poets. By international cooperation poets will share and 3 exchange their experience. Thus cultural and creative sectors will be strengthened. Project will also foster emerging talents and motivate beginner poets to publish their creative texts. Besides, anybody who is interested in creating poetry works and/or translating them will be invited to join the network. This will open the possibility to general public to stimulate their creativity and develop creative writing skills. It is expected that the network of poets will continue collaboration after the end of the project.


Innovative character

The ePublisher project gives a special importance to the poetical language recovering the past tradition and projecting it towards new expressive ways. Several aspects represent the innovative character of the project:

- Finding new ways to bring poetry to a wider public.

- Experimenting new ways to create poetry.

- Involve the general public in poetry creation.


European added value

Due to very low interest in poetry by general public and because poems are mainly written in national languages, citizens of different EU countries know very little about other countries’ poetry. The geography of ePublisher takes a very broad range – from north to south European countries, which has very different cultural backgrounds and history. The project will not only help to see the differences and identify similarities between different EU cultures and poetic traditions, but also get to know contemporary European poetry by assuring easy access to translated poems.

- Soros International House, Lithuania (coordinator)
- Municipality of Lousada, Portugal
International Culture Association in Turku, Finland
- Union of Associations Multikultura, Poland

ePublisher presented during the international educational fair "Studies 2018" in Vilnius, Lithuania

On 8-10 February 2018 project partner "Soros International House" (SIH) participated in the biggest annual international educational fair in Lithuania - „Studies 2018” (www.litexpo.lt/lt/parodos/-studijos-2018). This year the fair was focused on international learning and career planning. 

SIH team had a great chance to present the international ongoing projects or the projects it has recently impplemented. We are really proud that ePublisher project was very popular among the visitors - both students and their teachers! Everyone was interested on the project platform and its results.

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ePublisher presented in Vaureal, France

On November 30 - December 1 a kick-off meeting of Erasmus+ KA2 project „Senior Volunteers for Migrant Integration“( www.seniors4migrants.eu)  was organized in Vaureal, France. There are 6 partners from 5 different countries participating in this project:

  • GSVO95, France
  • DIAN, Greece
  • MCTAU, Lithuania
  • SIH, Lithuania
  • iFa, Germany
  • Anmiro OY, Finland

The director Daiva Malinauskiene, projects manager Guste Ilgunaite and accountant Elvyra Mikeleviciene participated in the Kick Off meeting on behalf of Soros International House.

At the beggining of the first day the Mayor Mrs Sylvie COUCHOT and former Mayor Mr. Bernard MORIN of Vaureal welcomed everyone.

During the meeting, all the main aspects of the projects were discussed – financial issues, risk management, Intellectual Outputs and projects timetable. Moreover, all the partners had a chance to meet new colleagues and present each other’s work and institutions.

Besides, during a self-presentation session eveybody had a good opportunity to talk about other projects they are involved in. SIH represesntatives presented activities and results of ePublisher, Tales@Home, Parents4All, Seniors On-line and other projects they are being implemented at the moment or have just finished.

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SIH Projects Presented to Lithuanian Adult Educators


The traditional membership event of the Lithuanian Association of Adult Education was held in Rumsiskes (LT) on 9-10 September 2017. 


The aim of the meeting was to bring together a community of adult education professionals from all over Lithuania not only to discuss important issues in adult education, to exchange ideas, to share experiences and to learn from each other during the creative workshops, but also to take an advantage of an exceptional opportunity to spend some relaxing time together in the Open Air Museum of Lithuania in Rumsiskes.


During this event, members of the association had a chance to present their main activities. SIH project coordinator G.Kieriene presented the ideas and progress of the ongoing international projects such as Tales@home, KEEP50+ and ePublisher.


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International poetry festival in Lousada, Portugal

On 6-7 June an International Poetry Festival was held in Lousada, Portugal under the European ePublisher Project, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

There were 2 days of activities and interaction among all partners and the general public, where poetry has crossed the language barrier and was the queen of communication. Day 6 began with the presentation of the project Diogo Piçarra in Pessoa, in which the singer and composer presented his book based on the poems of the great poet Fernando Pessoa, which delighted the approximately 200 people present, mostly young students of the 12th grade from the schools of the county of Lousada.

In the afternoon, it was time to remember Álvaro Feijó, the most famous poet from Lousada. We visited the house where the poet lived in his childhood and Youth and where some of his poems were recited, in the Library of the house. Nowadays Casa de Vilar belongs to a nephew of the poet, who makes animated films and manages the Animation Film Museum installed in a part of the house.

On 7 afternoon, after a very enjoyable visit to two characteristic places in the municipality of Lousada, Quinta da Tapada and Casa de Juste, the Municipal Library was filled with poets to celebrate poetry. João Pedro Mésseder, Portuguese poet of the month of March, spoke about his life as a writer and poet. Then two students who won the Poetry Reading Contest organized by Lousada Library Network read poems of some of the greatest Portuguese poets. The poetry afternoon reached its highest moment when the invited poets of Lithuania, Poland and Finland presented their poems to the participants in their own language. Two fantastic days!

You can find some photos of the festival here: www.epublisher-platform.eu/news/2017/06/international-poetry-festival-in-lousada-portugal

International poetry festival 'Discover Poetry de Novo' - from life performance to collaborative writing games

On the 12-13 of May, Lithuanian poetry lovers and foreign guests could discover poetry De Novo at an international “ePublisher” festival. The first day started at the National Gallery of Art (NDG), where participants had an opportunity to witness live performances inspired by poetry. “Vaibai Ore” presented a poem “Blue Forest”, which grasped city pulse; heart pumps longing, hatred, love and rage through city venues. Later poet and architect Tomas S. Butkus presented a performance “Full moon Vanity”. According to the author himself, the poem was written after having felt that there was someone else beside you – an assistant, an accompanist. The event finished with a viewing of poetry films created by different sound and poetry groups: „Avaspo“, „Nunu“, „Concrete rabbits“.

After contemporary experiments a more traditional approach to poetry was presented to the public. In the „House of Puglu“ actors Gabriele Malinauskaite, Asta Stankunaite, and Pijus Narijauskas presented poet and essayist Rimvydas Stankevicius’ poetry and texts. The event was followed by a discussion between the author and the audience.

The first day of the festival ended with the readings of poems by foreign poets from Finland, Portugal and Poland. One of the evenings‘ highlights was a poetry reading and musical collaboration between celebrated Finish poet Juha Kulmala and saxophonist Viktoras Olechnovičius.

The second day of the festival started with a performance from poet and publicist Žygimantas Kudirka, which aimed to inspire the audience and to broaden their minds for the collaborative writing workshop. During it, various collaborative writing techniques and „ePublisher“ interactive collaborative writing games were tested together with poets from Finland, Portugal and Poland. The final part of the workshop was poetry karaokė of created collaborative texts.

As well as in Krakow and Turku, the festival events in Vilnius were filmed. Later on a documentary film about all the International poetry festivals organized by the partnership will be created.

Besides, international guests and project partners had a chance to visit the Vilnius literary trail, including the Independent Republic of Užupis and Literatų street – an art project dedicated to Lithuanian and foreign writers. Moreover, Trakai city and castle was visited, where our guests from abroad had an opportunity to search for inspiration for an upcoming festival in Lousada, Portugal.

You can find some photos of the festival here: www.epublisher-platform.eu/news/2017/05/international-poetry-festival-discover-poetry-de-novo

ePublisher project presented at the Conference of the Lithuanian Association of Adult Education

On the 27th April The Lithuanian Association of Adult Education (LAAE) organised a conference to mark the Year of Adult Education in Europe (https://adulteducation2017.eu/) and to celebrate the 25 anniversary of LAAE.

During this event at a poster session, members of the association had a chance to present their main activities. SIH director Daiva Malinauskienė, amongst other SIH activities, presented the ideas and results of the following international projects: Seniors On-line, ePublisher,Tales@home and KEEP50+.

The Conference participants were very much interested to hear about upcoming International ePublisher festival “Discover Poetry De Novo”.

ePublisher project and Turku festival presented in a regional newspaper in Lithuania

“Šilutės naujienos”  newspaper published an article on  ePublisher project and Violeta Astrauskienė, who was among poets presenting Lithuania in the International ePublisher poetry festival in Turku.


"Šilutės naujienos" artical

ePublisher project presented to Lithuanian Association of Distance and e-Learning
On March 24th, Lithuanian Association of Distance and e-Learning (LieDM association) organized its annual council meeting in Trakai Education Support Center. During this event association members had a chance to present their distance trainings and e-learning projects. SIH director Daiva Malinauskienė among other SIH on-line activities presented main international projects such as Seniors On-line (www.seniorsonline.eu) project, which aims to strengthen English language and ICT skills of seniors, Tales@Home (www.talesathome.eu) project and its digital App, which is going to be used by multilingual families to help them with language learning. Last but not least, ePublisher (www.epublisher-platform.eu) project, which also focuses on developing of on-line tools for collaborative writing of poems and creative writing, was presented.

International ePublisher Poetry Festival in Krakow, Poland

On 18-19th of March the first “ePublisher” International Poetry Festival  “Spring Young” was held in Krakow.The event was dedicated to poetry of young people.

On the first day Krakow poetry lovers and foreign guests had a chance to meet Polish “ePublisher” poets of the month Katarzyna Grzesiak, Jadwiga Malina and Milosz Biedrzycki. The event was followed by the poetry readings of foreign poets from Lithuania, Finland and Portugal, as well as young poets from Krakow literary groups „Koła Młodych“ and „Sylaby“. Authors read their poems in original languages, following by the simultaneous translations into English and Polish.

On the second day of the festival, the meeting and poetry reading of an internationally known Polish poet, novelist, translator and essayist Adam Zagajewski was organized.  The discussion with the poet was led by Michał Piętniewicz. At the end of the day the screening of a documentary movie “View of Krakow” with English translation was demonstrated.

The events were filmed and later on a documentary film about International poetry festivals in partner countries will be created.

Besides, international guests and the project partners had a chance to visit Krakow literary trail, including the exhibition “Szymborska’s Drawer”dedicated to very famous Polish poet and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature Wisława Szymborska,Bards' Crypt” in the Wawel Cathedral and Czesław Miłosz, another winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, tomb at the Skałka Church. Moreover, Benedictine Abbey of Tyniec was visited, where they were introduced to the history of the abbey and its’ Scriptorium.

SIH was presented by the poets Arminė Petkutė, Ieva Bartaševičiūtė, Vytautas Valiulis.

ePublisher project presented in Sofia, Bulgaria

On Februrary 23-25 February 2017 Erasmus+  KA2 Keep 50+ Knowledge Exchange in Entrepreneurship for people 50+ project partners met in Sofia, Bulgaria. Besides on February 25 was organized EURORESO organization general assembly.  

During the section for introduction of the projects which are being implemented by the members of the organization SIH director Daiva Malinauskienė presented Seniors On-line, e-Publisher, http://www.talesathome.eu/ projects.

SIH organised a Poetic Tour to Kaunas for the most active ePublisher poets and translators

On a rainy morning of the 7th of October, a large group of the most active participants of the ePublisher project – poets, translators and lovers of the poetry, went on an exciting trip to the poetic Kaunas, the 2nd largest Lithuania’s city, resting at the confluence of country’s two largest rivers, Neris and Nemunas.

The participants enjoyed the great opportunity to experience the special spirit of the Kaunas city, a former temporary capital of independent Lithuania, famous for its colorful history, cosy parks, remarkable and wonderful Old Town and interwar spirit.

With this trip we aimed to honour two famous Lithuanan poets Maironis and Salomėja Nėris by visiting their memorial museums located in the city: the Maironis Lithuanian Literature Museum and S.Nėris House-Museum. The participants with great interest toured the exhibition dedicated to Maironis (1862- 1932), a poet and a rector and professor of moral theology at the Kaunas Seminary. Maironis for Lithuanians all over the world is not just a poet, but a living symbol of hope, of national resilience, of undying faith that suffering leads to glory.

The second destination was the house of Salomeja Neris (1904-1945), Lithuania's most beloved poet, who once called our land a 'droplet of amber'. The nature around the place was breathtaking, the participants have learned a lot about the poet‘s life, her rebellious acts and her love to potery.

As one of the participants later commented, it was 'an amazing and really soul gourmet tour’, everyone enjoyed it very much.

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ePublisher project participants and enthusiasts went to visit the Lithuanian town of Anykščiai

On a sunny morning of the 27th of May 2016, a large number of the EU program Creative Europe project ePublisher (http://www.epublisher-platform.eu/) participants and enthusiasts went to visit the Lithuanian town of Anykščiai, which is a homeland of prominent Lithuanian poets A. Baranauskas, J. Biliūnas and A. Vienuolis-Žukauskas.


People who write poetry and have been publishing it on the project website, have taken advantage of a great opportunity to experience the special spirit of the town, where once lived and worked famous poets and prose writers, and the eternally green indestructible Forest of Anykščiai (Lithuanian: Anykščių šilelis) by A. Baranauskas.


The first stop – a recently founded Treetop Walking Path (http://anyksciuparkas.lt/parko-lankytojams/medziu-laju-takas) in Anykščiai pinewood near the Puntukas stone. The treetop path winds through the tree tops for about 300 meters, gradually going upwards until it reaches 21 meters in height. Then everyone had a chance to climb up to 36 meters in height and observe Anykščiai pinewood from above, bends of the river Šventoji and the surrounding plains. The impression of natural beauty was strengthened by an actress and project participant G.Malinauskaitė, reciting extracts from the poem The Forest of Anykščiai (http://antologija.lt/text/antanas-baranauskas-anyksciu-silelis).


Later, we visited The Beacon of Happiness (Lithuanian Laimės žiburys") (http://www.anyksciuparkas.lt/gamta-ir-kultura/kulturos-vertybes/jbiliuno-kapas-laimes-ziburys - poet J.Biliūnas’ grave. Lithuanian literary classic J.Biliūnas died in 1907 in Zakopanė, Poland, where he was also buried, as his wife Julia had no money to bring his body back to Anykščiai. J.Biliūnas will was fulfilled in 1953 when his remains were transported from Poland to Lithuania and buried near Anykščiai, on Liudiškiai hill.


In Anykščiai it is a must to visit the Church of Apostle Evangelist St. Matthew (http://www.anyksciuparkas.lt/gamta-ir-kultura/kulturos-vertybes/anyksciu-sv-mato-baznycia). It is exclusive in Lithuania not only for its height (the twin spires of this Neo-Gothic church, each 79 metres in height, make the church the tallest in Lithuania) and works of art, but also an observation deck, situated upon the church tower at 33 meters height.


After taking a walk through The Old Town streets and visiting A. Baranauskas and A.Vienuolis-Žukauskas squares, filled with excitement and good mood, we headed to the final destination of our tour - Burbiškis Manor (http://www.burbiskis.lt/). It is located in Anykščiai Regional Park, near Rubikiai Lake, 8 km away from Anykščiai. Standing on a scenic left bank of Anykšta River, the elegant palace can be seen from afar – it is an architectural monument of the 19th century, a neoclassical era gem, fascinating us with its subtlety and elegance. A graciously designed local park, a home for more than 30 species of trees and bushes, blends into the landscape as an oasis of peace and tranquility. Burbiškis Manor House, built in 1853 by the Lithuanian – Polish noble family, Venclovavičiai, remains one of the most beautiful example of its sort in Anykščiai region. The whole manor estate has been granted a status of Burbiškis Landscape Architecture Reserve and is included in the European Heritage Sites list.


We would like to especially thank the active participants of ePublisher project L.Buividavičiūtė, D.Morkūnienė, V.Valiulis and L.Stanevičius for reading their own poetry in one of the manor’s halls, as well as a translator N.Riaubaitė who translates poetry into different languages. Together with all remaining participants, who have chosen a poetry reading of a Lithuanian American author Stacy Lee, publishing her works in Lithuanian and English languages, followed by warm dinner-table communication, they have created a unique atmosphere, which was the prime aim of our trip.

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ePublisher Poetry Reading organised at MCTAU

On 8th April SIH held a poetry reading at Medardas Čobotas Third Age University (MCTAU). The meeting has brought together a large group of Literature students as well as members of Book Lovers’ Club at MCTAU.

The event was dedicated to a famous Lithuanian poet Vytautas Mačernis, it started with his poems read by an actress Gabrielė Malinauskaitė. At the end of her performance, Gabrielė cheered the audience with some truly emotional songs.

Next followed a lecture on the poet’s life and work, it was delivered by Professor Virginija Šlekienė.

Later the Lithuanian ePublisher team introduced the participants with the project (D.Malinauskienė) and the platform (G.Kierienė), and invited them to become active contributors to both ePublisher project and the poetry platform. An inspiring example was provided of Nijolė Riaubaitė, a student at MCTAU, who not only became a registered user of ePublisher poetry platform, but also contributed to the enrichment of its resources with the poetry translations.

At the end of the event Dr. Romualdas Šimkūnas, a Dean of the Faculty, on behalf of all participants and students thanked SIH team for a great initiative and handed over a poetry book “Minties verpetuose” consisting of over 50 poems written by MCTAU Literature students. The poems along with their authors will soon be presented in the ePublisher Poetry Library.

The second “ePublisher” partners’ meeting was held in Poland
The second consortium meeting was held on 15-16 March in Krakow. It was attended by the project partners from Lithuania, Poland, Finland, and Portugal as well as the Polish poet, screenwriter, songwriter, a member of the Writers Association, Michal Zablocki, who will contribute to the project as an expert of collective poetry writing; and the mayor of the town Lousada (Portugal), Pedro Machado, who heads the municipality involved in the project.

On the first day of the meeting, the partners presented the ongoing poetry promotion events in their countries as well as the plans to organize future events (public poetry readings, excursions to the local poetry places, video projections with poetic texts on the buildings’ walls), discussed the results of the internal evaluation survey, feedback on the platform’s functionality given by the poets and translators who were the first to publish their works on the platform.

On the second day, the partners talked over the issues of collective poetry writing, financial settlement, dissemination of the project, internal communication, and distributed the activities for the next period.

During the visit in Krakow, the partners also took part in social-cultural programme: they went to see the house of Czesław Miłosz, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1980, visited the old Jewish district, the Writers' Association, the oldest bookstore in Europe.

At the end of the meeting, it was agreed to hold the third partners’ meeting on 26-27 September, 2016 in Turku (Finland).

SIH introduced the ePublisher and Seniors On-line projects in the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania
On 29th January, SIH held a meeting with the staff and visitors of the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania. Representatives of SIH introduced to the audience two ongoing international projects, coordinated by SIH ePublisher and Seniors On-line.
During the meeting, the international multilingual communication platform of ePublisher for professional and amateur poets and translators was presented, and seniors were told about the Nordplus / Adult project Seniors On-line.

Also, our colleague and actress Gabrielė Malinauskaitė read poems and sang songs!


Next event will take place on 11th February, at 16:00 in the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, room A1 (Ševčenkos St. 31). We are looking forward to seeing everyone! 

SIH introduced the ePublisher and Seniors On-line projects in the Lithuanian Library for the Blind

On 14th January, SIH held a meeting in the Lithuanian Library for the Blind. The representatives of SIH introduced an international project, coordinated by our institution ePublisher, as well as we shortly presented another of our ongoing projects – Seniors On-line. The audience also had an opportunity to listen to songs sung and poems read by our colleague and actress Gabrielė Malinauskaitė!


During the meeting, we presented the international multilingual communication platform of ePublisher for professional and amateur poets and translators. The seniors, who attended the event, were invited to join the training course of the Nordplus / Adult project Seniors On-line.


The presentations were followed by a lively discussion between the audience and the project team.  Representative of the Library J. Vileikienė informed that there is a number of people who create their own poems. She promised to spread information about the platform to be developed for other Library community members, and assured that people will be certainly willing to participate.


Next similar event will be organized in the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania on 29th January, at 10:00. Everybody is welcome to participate!



SIH introduced the ePublisher and Seniors On-line projects in the Antakalnis branch of the Vilnius Central Library

On 16th December, SIH held a meeting in the Antakalnis branch of the Vilnius Central Library. Representatives of SIH introduced two international projects, coordinated by SIH ePublisher and Seniors On-line. Also, our colleague and actress Gabrielė Malinauskaitė entertained the audience with poems and songs! A similar event was organized in the Vilnius Central Library on 11th December (Žirmūnų st. 6).


During the meeting, the international multilingual communication platform of ePublisher for professional and amateur poets and translators was presented, as well as seniors, who attended the event, were invited to join the training of the Nordplus / Adult project Seniors On-line.


We are delighted that the event has attracted, and the projects received a considerable interest from representatives of both – younger and older – generations!


SIH held a meeting in the Vilnius Central Library to present ePublisher and Seniors On-line projects

On 11th December, SIH held a meeting in the Vilnius Central Library. Representatives of SIH introduced to the audience two ongoing international projects, coordinated by SIH ePublisher and Seniors On-line. Also, our colleague and actress Gabrielė Malinauskaitė read poems and sang songs!


During the meeting, the international multilingual communication platform of ePublisher for professional and amateur poets and translators was presented, and a number of seniors, who attended the event, were invited to join the training of the Nordplus / Adult project Seniors On-line. We are really happy that both projects received a considerable interest from the audience.


On 16th December, at 16:00 a similar event will take place in the Antakalnis branch of the Vilnius Central Library (Antakalnio St. 49). We are looking forward to seeing everyone, who is interested in poetry, creates poems, or simply wants to have a good time!


SIH has established contacts with Lithuanian libraries, where the international project ePublisher will be presented

At the beginning of December, SIH has established contacts with Lithuanian libraries. During the meetings in the libraries, the international multilingual communication platform of the project ePublisher for professional and amateur poets and translators will be presented. Moreover, an actress Gabrielė Malinauskaitė will read poems and sing for you!


Meetings will be held in December and January:


1. December 11, 16:00 in the Central Library of Vilnius (Žirmūnų St. 6);

2. December 16, 16:00 in the Central Library of Vilnius, Antakalnis branch (Antakalnio St. 49);

3. January 29, 10:00 in Martynas Mažvydas National Library (Gedimino ave. 51).


The first ePublisher project partner meeting took place in Vilnius on 27-28 of October

Soros International House, together with the partners from Poland, Portugal and Finland, on the 1st of July, 2015 launched the project “ePublisher” under the EU programme “Creative Europe/ Culture”.

On 27-28 of October, the first consortium meeting, which was attended by all the project partners, was held in Vilnius. During the visit to Lithuania, the partners had the opportunity to go to Uzupis Art Incubator, which is one of the associated project partners. We visited Incubator‘s art galleries „Galera“ and „Kalnas“, also the representative of this organization showed us the Republic of Uzupis, and told about it as a unique phenomenon, where in one place a powerful potential of creative and cultural industries is concentrated, and an exclusive image of the area is created.

At the beginning of the official part of the meeting, E. Deltuvaitė, the head of Creative Europe desk in Lithuania, said a welcoming word. During the meeting, we had the opportunity to become more familiar with the representatives from the countries involved in the project, as well as various issues related to the implementation of the project were discussed, such as management of the project and main responsibilities and tasks of each partner, financial and reporting issues, internal evaluation and communicationaspects, project dissemination strategy and materials, first year activities and work plan, etc.

During the meeting, which was also attended by the representatives of the IT company Webas.lt, responsible for the creation of the project website and poetry creation and translation platform, the partners were first time introduced with the website, which is already being finalized, as well as the platform, which is still under construction. The website‘s public area will be officially launched on the 8th of November, whereas the platform will be opened until the end of February, 2016. Poets from all over the world will be invited to publish and spread their poems, as well as translators to translate them.

Moreover, during the meeting in Vilnius, the partners presented and discussed on the contacts established with the associatedpartners of the project in each country, who are invited to contribute to the achievement of the project goals.

Finally, the partners shared their proposals for the next meeting, scheduled for March, 2016 in Krakow.

SIH was represented by the director D. Malinauskiene, project coordinators G. Kieriene, G. Malinauskaite and E. Zalimaite, as well as the accountant E. Mikeleviciene.

The first meeting of the project ePublisher will be held in Vilnius on the 27-28 of October!

The project “ePublisher” (No 559364) under the EU programme “Creative Europe/ Culture”, coordinated by Soros International House (SIH) and implemented together with the partners from Poland, Portugal and Finland, started on the 1st of July, 2015. Theproject aims to support audience development, as well as circulation of the European literature, thereby promoting interest in and access to the European cultural tangible and intangible heritage and creative works.

The first consortium meeting to discuss the overall project strategy, as well as other important issues, will be attended by all the project partners and E. Deltuvaitė, head of the „Creative Europe“ desk in Lithuania. She will say a welcoming word. The meetingwill be held in Vilnius on the 27-28 of October.

Prior to the meeting, the consortium members will speak with the associate project partners in their own countries.  In Lithuania,during the months of September and October we already met with all the associate project partners. During those meetings we presented the project, discussed the potential contribution of the associate partners, and heard a lot of useful tips. We are excited to announce that 6 organisations in culture and arts – the Lithuanian Writers’ Union, Užupis Art Incubator, Association "Slinktys",Lithuanian Association of Literary Translators, Vilnius Open Youth Centre "MES" and Vilnius University Students’ Representation in the Faculty of Philology – agreed to contribute to our project activities.

Support from our associate partners will be seen during the consortium meeting. We will have the opportunity to show Užupis to the partners from abroad not only as an exceptionally beautiful part of the city, but also as a particularly suitable location for implementation of the project activities – showing changing video projections of poetry texts on buildings’ walls, organization ofpublic poetry readings.

Currently we are in collaboration with the IT company "Webas.lt. The project website is being finalized, which will be a veryimportant output of the project. It will consist of a poetry creation and translation platform, including on-line poetry writing games, on-line poetry library and forum for professional poets, as well as for poets-amateurs. The website for poets from different countrieswill serve as a tool for spreading their poetry, thereby allowing people who love poetry an opportunity to read these poems. The project website, as a dissemination channel, will be launched immediately after the partner meeting in Vilnius, although the poetrycreation and translation platform a bit later.

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