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Feel It!

Feel the Difference



The project started on the 1st of September 2012 and will be implemented during eighteen months. The consortium consists of partner institutions from 6 countries: Austria, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, and United Kingdom. The project is coordinated by Verein Multikulturell, Austria.

The project aims to enhance intercultural dialogue and the positive aspects of migration. It will contribute to awareness raising, broadening mind sets as well as combating negative connotations of migration. It will improve the understanding in the receiving communities on problems faced by migrants; it will also encourage cultural understanding and appreciation as well as improve spontaneous and fun interaction through the stimulation of all senses (‘Path of diversity’). In addition, it guarantees better integration of migrants, better knowledge on cultures and the history of immigration; it will also lead to the increased self-confidence of migrants (children & adults). This project will try to enhance the public perception of migration as a phenomenon that has contributed to shaping the history of mankind.

Target groups

·Pupils at high school age

·Pupils at technical colleges

·Third country nationals in respective regions of all partner countries (Innsbruck, Leicester, Madrid, Sicilia, Stuttgart and Vilnius)

·General public


·Promote the integration of third country nationals in the Member States of the EU through different actions of European interest - development of a "Path of diversity", school curricula, school project weeks and posters.

·Promote a better understanding of the huge contribution made by migrants to receiving European societies as well as better intercultural dialogue.

·Enhance migrants and the receiving society to reflect the increasing diversity and cultural richness including the opportunities chances for the European Union countries.

·Provide measures to combat racism, xenophobia, stereotypes and prejudices in the long term by confronting teenagers with topics like migration, integration and diversity at an early age.

·Migration, diversity and cultural richness will be promoted to contribute to a better and more positive public perception.


·A ‘Path of diversity” with 5 different stations in each partner country to feel the cultural differences and specifics in an interactive and sensuous way.

·Pupils of high school level will technically plan and realize the stations of the ‘Path of diversity’ and grapple with the topic.

·There will be a curricula designed for schools to conduct a ‘Feel It!’ project-week in all subjects (history, geography, music and other classes).

·The project website will present all activities and outcomes of the whole Project.

·A YouTube channel, flyers, posters and a project magazine will be produced.

"Feel It! Curriculum Guidelines"

Here You can find a curricula designed for schools to conduct a 'Feel It!' project-week in all subjects.
'Feel It! Curriculum Guidelines' in English

'Feel It! Curriculum Guidelines' in Lithuanian

Video films about cultural diversity and the main event of the project "Feel it" - the exhibition "The Path of Diversity"

What kind of emotions and thoughts does the phrase "cultural diversity" evoke in you? What does "cultural diversity" mean? Do you see it in the city where you live? If so, where can you see it most? What do other people think about it?

Please watch the video that was created specifically for this project. In this video people of various ages, nationalities and professions answer the questions about cultural diversity:
Cultural Diversity

What kind of "path of diversity" is there in Lithuania? Creative, fun, memorable and full of songs! Please watch the most memorable moments from out "The Path of Diversity" event.
Moments out "The Path of Diversity" event

The final dissemination seminar of the project 'Feel it! Feel the difference'

On February 27, SIH together with the „Kaunas cultural centre of various cultures“ organized the final dissemiation seminar of the European Fund Integration of Third Country Nationals project „Feel it“. Participants, teachers of secondary and vocational schools as well as interested representatives of other institutions, were presented with the „Path of Diversity“, which ran all the way through Lithuania, and the „Teaching guidelines for teachers of schools of general education and vocational training centres“, created by the project partners. The seminar participants fulfilled practical exercises and got to know how to integrate elements of cultural diversity into the education process. One of the project heroes, John Kasimba, spoke about his native Kenya and his success story in Lithuania, while also answering questions from the audience. After the presentations the participants actively discussed about migration, tolerance and cultural diversity.

Photo gallery

FEEL IT Final Partner Meeting took place in Madrid, Spain

On the 20th – 22nd of January the final partner meeting of the Integration of third country nationals project ‘Feel It! Feel the difference’ took place in Madrid (Spain). Project partners from Austria, Lithuania, Germany, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom participated in the three-day meeting

During the meeting all partners presented in detail the “Path of Diversity” events organized in each partner country: scenarios for the events were discussed, and main preparatory activities were presented. Partners reported on the implementation and scope of the events in each country, expressed great satisfaction with the progress and the results achieved and shared a very positive feedback received from the participants and visitors of the events.

Furthermore, a sound discussion on the “Feel It” school project weeks took place: partners reported on the activities carried out in the different partner schools, discussed the schools’ community involvement and support, anbd presented the feedback received.

Also partners had an opportunity to attend the inaugural event of the Spanish “Path of Diversity” organized by OEI (The Organization of Ibero-American States for the Education, Science and Culture) in the La Casa Encendida cultural centre.

SIH was represented during this meeting by director Daiva Malinauskienė, academic activities coordinator Jolanta Šatienė, and project coordinator Gileta Kierienė.

The “Path of Diversity“ has received a warm welcome at Panevezys Adult Education Centre
The “Path of Diversity “exposition, rousing a particular interest of Mr Mindaugas Libikas, the director of Panevezys Adult Education Centre has been invited for a visit at this institution.

On the 18th of November, Soros International House team arrived at the Education Centre where the representatives of not only this institution but also other educational institutions of Panevezys were introduced to the project “Feel It”, its main ideas, events and were invited to walk through the “Path of Diversity“. This exposition will be on a visit at Panevezys Adult Education Centre for the entire week and will invite not only its community but also the rest of the city school students and teachers to visit the “Path of Diversity“.

Encouraged by the “Feel It” project ideas and the “Path of Diversity“ concept, teachers at their schools and educational centres will pursue the social initiative by adding variety to their lessons with Soros International House presented tasks on the cultural diversity and third-country citizen immigration topics.

The “Path of Diversity” at the opening of the Adult Learners’ Week event

In Marijampole, on the 15th November, there was an opening day of the Adult Learners’ Week during which the “Path of Diversity”, highly appreciated by the adult education specialists, was presented.

A slogan of the week “Come Together – from Privy Substance to European Citizen” led the opening event participants towards the exposition “Feel It”, introducing the world cultural diversity.

Adult educators, representatives from Third Age University, regional representatives of the Lithuanian Association of Adult Education, Adult Learners’ Week participants and hosts were listening to prof Libertas Klimka presentation on Lithuanian Idiosyncrasy, watching the presentations of different Lithuanian regions and above all, the “Feel It” project ideas and completed actions were introduced by the director of Soros International House followed by their immediate visit of the exposition, where theywere writing compliments to the third world country immigrants, were exploring the world cultural similarities and differencesand also other immigration issues.

Soros International House on the same day of the “Feel It” project presentation attained acknowledgement for the previously implemented Lifelong Learning project “Integra”. It became one of the winners of this week project competition and was awarded with Diploma by the Lithuanian Adult Education Association.


“Path of Diversity” events at the shopping and entertainment centre “Panorama”, 21-24 October

Soros International House organized “Path of Diversity” events at the shopping and entertainment centre “Panorama” in Vilnius, which lasted almost the whole week (21-24 October). The events were attended not only by “Panorama” visitors and shoppers, but also by students and teachers from different Vilnius schools, which were interested in and wanted to participate in the cognitive cultural program.

Each “Panorama” guest could experience a variety of cultures while visiting one of the five “Path of Diversity” stations. For example, smell the diversity of the world by stopping at the tea table, see the exhibit of different national costumes and listen to the traditional music of various cultures at the “Folklore” station, learn about the “success stories” of the migrants who came to Lithuania from the Third countries. They could not only see where from and read why the Third country nationals come to Lithuania, but they also could write down their wishes for migrants on special postcards. Finally, all who were willing to exhibit their tolerance towards cultures of the world could do it by touching the “Tolerance palm".

In addition to visiting the “Path of Diversity” exposition, its visitors could participate at different cognitive cultural event each day. The symbolic beginning of the “Path of Diversity” was opened by a concert, giving the visitors an insight into cultures of the remotest parts of the world (Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, etc.). On Tuesday, the students of Vilnius Pranciskus Skorina Gymnasiumintroduced the guests into Belorussian folklore by presenting folk songs, dances and games. Wednesday was a Mandala day. The event participants got familiar with the history of mandalas, and practiced working on them."Path of Diversity" week events were completed with Chinese tea ceremony. Exhibition visitors and event participants responded warmly to the “Path of Diversity” events and wished the interactive week of culture to become a tradition.

Soros International House thanks project social partners Vilnius Pranciskus Skorina Gymnasium, Vilnius J. Basanavicius Gymnasium, and Vilnius Builders Training Centre for their active involvement in preparing, organizing and presenting “Path of Diversity”.

We would like to thank the shopping and leisure centre “Panorama” as well not only for providing us with the premises needed for the “Path of Diversity” events, but also for supporting this social-educational initiative.

The exposition was a success. In the near future, it will be moved to schools, which are going to organize “Path of Diversity” week events at their schools. It will also be presented in other cities and towns during various events.

Feedback on the event:



Meetings with project Feel It! social partners are underway
Feel It! – Feel the difference is a European Fund Integration of Third Country National project whose main objective is to promote the integration of third country nationals in the Member States of the European Union by creating a new awareness about the importance of immigration for the increase of cultural diversity, and, in consequence, for the strengthening of Europe’s global competitiveness on the basis of the construction of a common European identity.

Concerning the concrete actions planned for and during the project, its main result is the conception and production of a Path of diversity that showcases different ethnic groups and their cultural specifics, and how this diversity is enriching European culture. For the development of this Path of diversity, an important number of school classes are being integrated actively into both the planning and the production process of the 5 stands that will compose every path in each of the partner cities.

SIH, as project partners in Lithuania, is collaborating with free schools: Vilnius Pranciskus Skorina Gymnasium, Vilnius J. Basanavicius Gymnasium, and Vilnius Builders Training Centre. On April 15-19 work groups consisting of representatives of these educational institutions, teachers and pupils are meeting to work on the main aspects of the creation and productions of the Path of Diversity and to plan the upcoming activities. All social partners are full of ideas and are eagerly working on the Path of Diversity.

The second partners meeting took place in Palermo, Italy

On the 4th– 6th of March partners’ meeting of the Integration of third country nationals project ‘Feel It! Feel the difference’ took place in Palermo (Italy). Project partners from Austria, Lithuania, Germany, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom participated in the three-day meeting.

During the first day all partners presented state of the art of the main result of the project, namely “Path of diversity” (5 different stations in each partner country to feel the cultural differences and specifics in an interactive and sensuous way). Both the creative process and the implementation of the Paths were analyzed. During the second day discussions on the production of eye-catchers, posters and give-away materials took place.In addition, a lot of attention was paid to the design of the guidelines for schools to conduct a ‘Feel It!’ project-week in all subjects (history, geography, music and other classes). During the third day the piloting of the school project week in each partner country was discussed. Furthermore, upcoming dissemination activities, project sustainability and evaluation strategy were analyzed in detail.

SIH was represented by project manager Aiste Dabuleviciute.

The kick-off meeting of the project FEEL IT took place in Innsbruck, Austria on the 22-24thof October, 2012

On the 22-24th of October a kick off meeting of the project FEEL IT took place in Innsbruck (Austria). It was hosted by the project coordinator Verein Multikulturell (Austria). The partners from Austria, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Spain and United Kingdom attended the meeting.

The meeting lasted three days. During the first day the goals, approaches and outcomes of the project were presented. Specific tasks were distributed among the partners. The discussions on the work programme took place and the implementation of the main result of the project, namely “Path of diversity” (5 different stations in each partner country to feel the cultural differences and specifics in an interactive and sensuous way), was analysed in detail. During the second day the project website and logo were introduced to partners and dissemination was discussed in detail. The last day of the kick off meeting was devoted to financial issues, evaluation and sustainability of the project.

At the end some reflections were made and all the partners evaluated the meeting as a very positive and fruitful experience.

SIH was represented by project manager Aiste Dabuleviciute.

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