IH Consulting

What is that?

  • a new activity, which supports and strengthens the best SIH traditions, and ensure quality and effectiveness.
  • educational programs, seminars, conferences, perfection of personal and professional skills and competences.
  • interactive and the newest teaching methods, up-to-date theory, plenty of handouts, audiovisual equipment, multimedia products
  • lecturers from Lithuania and abroad, well known for their innovative and non-traditional teaching methods
Who we service?
  • Civil servants
  • Beginners and experienced businessmen
  • University graduates and college students
  • People from NGOs and institutions of adult education
  • People, who feel inwardly and externally motivated to improve knowledge and competence in business development, management , marketing, leadership and staff management, project and team work, sales management, customers service, those in search of self-realization in self-improvement.

What is our goal?

  • To constantly investigate our present and future customers' needs, the impact of our services provided on the improvement and the effectiveness of their work and personal life.
  • To react/respond to the needs of our customers, meeting their requirements using the activity methods of the highest quality
  • To constantly improve/develop teaching methodology based on innovations in androgogy and scientific investigations, carried out by our partners
  • To provide customers with the necessary consultations, needed for their personal and professional perfection and organize trainings, employing world known theorists and practitioners.

To apply for:

Soros International House

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