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Teacher Training Application Form
please return to us, keeping a copy for yourself              PHOTOGRAPH
This application form should be used by applicants for the:
 International House Certificate in English Language Teaching (IHC), accredited by Aston University

Please write clearly in block capitals

Name of course for which you are                               applying                                                                            Performed course start date    
                                                                                            Full or part - time                      

Personal details

Surname(s) (Mr Ms Miss Mrs) ____                            _____
First name(s)_____________________________________
First language_____________________________________
Date of birth______________________________________
Place of birth_____________________________________
Present occupation_________________________________
General health____________________________________
Telephone (daytime)_______________________________
Telephone (home)_________________________________
E-mail_____________________________                        _



Please state where you have studied and give dates
Secondary School Qualifications


Other relevant qualifications


Higher Education


Which languages do you speak/read/write?        
Please comment on your level of proficiency     



Do you have any initial training in teaching English as a foreign language? Please give qualification, organisation, dates and grades.


Do you have any formal training as a teacher of other subjects?


Do you have any experience of teaching other subjects?


What other work experience or professional training do you have?


Any other information which you think may be relevant to this application


Please give the names, addresses and telephone numbers of two referees who would be prepared to give relevant support to this application.Indicate in what context they know you.


How did you hear about our courses?


Do you need help with accommodation during your course?         Yes / No
If you have any queries regarding accommodation please phone:
Signature                                                             Date




Pre-interview task
Please complete this task carefully as it is one of the factors we take into consideration when making a decision
about your application. You may like to refer to a grammar book eg "English Grammar in Use" by Raymond Murphy, published by Cambridge University Press, in preparing your answers.
Course date applied for:
1. Correcting a student's mistakes
Each of the exchanges below contains a mistake. In each case:
a  underline the mistake
b  write the corrected version in the space provided
c  write in simple terms, as if speaking to a learner of English, how you would make the correction clear
a          "I'd like some informations about your courses."
            "Certainly, here's our brochure."

a          "Have you got any money?"
            "Yes, I've been to the bank yesterday."


a          "Is John ill? He's lost a lot of weight."
            "Yes, he is rather slender these days, isn't he?"


a          "Why didn't you answer the telephone?"
             "Because I had a bath".


2 Helping students understand differences in meaning

Comment on the differences in meaning between the following pairs of sentences
Outline some ideas on how you might teach these differences in meaning.
a   If I had the money I'd buy a new car.
b   If I  have the money I'll  buy a new car.


a  Terrorists hi-jacked an aeroplane.
b  Freedom fighters hi-jacked an aeroplane.


a  Give me a hand with this bag will you?
b  Could you give me a hand with this bag please?


3 On a separate sheet of paper, write approximately 300 words describing EITHER a successful OR an unsuccessful learning experience you have had. State your reasons for viewing the experience as successful or otherwise.

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