Learning by Moving



Socrates/Lingua 1 project LEARNING BY MOVING , coordinated by Soros International House started in September, 2005. As well as two institutions from Lithuania, there are partners for Germany, Romania, Italy, Poland, UK and Malta.

Project Content
Developing skills of less widely used European languages (LWUEL) is vital for today’s citizens of the European Union. They move around, travel, explore unfamiliar countries and places of interest, meet local people and interact in diverse social surroundings.
In this context it is vital to encourage and enforce European people of different nationalities and linguistic diversity to learn LWUEL. The foreign language learning process may undergo a few stages:
- involves acquiring the minimum level of socio-linguistic competence;
- involves developing listening, reading, writing and speaking skills of a foreign language;
- involves people into cross-cultural life long learning (LLL) process which will make them aware of the values of the intercultural linguistic relationship.
In accordance with the EU linguistic insight and strategy that every European should speak two more languages apart form his own native one, the project focuses on teaching foreign languages of minorities and the neighboring countries, English being as Lingua Franca.
The objectives of the project
- promote European citizenship via language learning;
- provide the assistance in raising civil awareness of multilingual aspect of the EU;
- stimulate self-learning and LLL;
- facilitate the promotion of native languages of the EU multinational residents;
- promote LWUEL;
- prepare contemporary society to interact in multilingual European context;
- facilitate access to individuals to language learning;
- provide with general or specific information about various opportunities for learning a language;
- make more language resources available from local authorities via schools.
The impact of the project
- the target group (students, pensioners, tourists, social servants) will pick up a number of social phrases in one or two foreign languages;
- the target group will increase the awareness of their multilingual and multicultural environment;
- the target group will be motivated to continue their studies of foreign languages;
- the target group will be stimulated to go back to an abandoned educational process;
- the target group will be motivated to seek prizes and/or a free of charge course of the language they are learning;
- the target group will regain former appropriate language skills.
The target groups of the project
The projectactivities and product itself will
- influence general public and target groups (students, pensioners, tourists, social servants) who regularly use public transport to move around.
- impact general public and other layers of the society who by chance travel by PT, associated partners (transport companies) and students of the partner institutions


At the “Multilingualism in Europe” conference held in Cyprus through the 26-28 of September 2012 in Limassol, organized by the European Commission, the “European Language Label” award was presented to Soros International House. The European Language Labelis awarded to the most innovative projects that support multilingualism and promote teaching and learning of languages nominated in their country with the European Label. Soros International House represented Lithuania with the project „Learning by Moving“. A specialist jury, chaired by Miguel Angel Martinez, Vice-President of the European Parliament, then selected the best five projects based on their European dimension and impact in terms of improving the language skills of the target group out of thirty. The „Learning by Moving" projectwas among 5 winning projects.

The opening event of the Adult Learners Week took place on November 24, 2008. It was organised by the Ministry of Education and Science together with the Lithuanian Association of Adult Education. During the event the project Socrates/Lingua 1 "Learning by Moving" , which is coordinated by Soros International House , was selected as the best project of the year in intercultural education.

The Socrates/Lingua1 project "Learning by Moving", which is coordinated by
SIH was recognized as the best project of the year 2008 by the Education
Exchange Foundation. The project will be granted the European Label award.

Learning by Moving Project final product - a phrasebook with CD in 4 languages: Lithuanian, Polish, English and German.
If you want to obtain a booklet with CD, please contact us on the following address:
Soros International House
Konstitucijos Ave 23A
Tel.: 8 5 272 48 39; 8 5 272 48 79

Socrates/Lingua 1 project "Learning by Moving"- one of the best LLL program quality projects
Socrates/Lingua 1 project , "Learning by Moving", which is coordinated by Soros International House was recognised as one of the best quality projects during LLL program projects competition "Languages:Mobility creates opportunities -European success stories", which was organised by the European Commission

5th project partners meeting in Bath

The 5th project partners meeting was organized on 21-24th February and was hosted by English partners in Bath.

The first day of the meeting project partners visited the Bath Town Hall and met with Mrs Sharon Ball, a Mayor of the city who plays a significant ambassadorial role within the City, including welcoming visitors and maintaining links with international partners. Everybody was impressed by the visit.

Then project partners continued discussions on the following items of the agenda: language fair as a final campaign event in partner countries;the final version of the final product - booklet with useful phrases; project final event -conference in Vilnius and other issues. Project partners gave a brief presentation of the final campaign event organised in their country, discussed the presented final version of the final product and were provided with the info about the forthcoming conference in May.

In the evenings partners enjoyed themselves sightseeing in the old town of Bath.


European Language Day

A number of events to celebrate European Language Day took place in and around the European Commission‘s Berlaymont building in Brussels. Leonardo Orban,member of European Commission with responsibility for multilingualism participated in European Language Day events.

There was an exhibition on language related projects. Eight best language teaching and promoting projects, selected by the European commission were presented at the exhibition.

There was an exhibition on language related projects. Eight best language teaching and promoting projects, selected by the European commission were presented at the exhibition.


The project „Learning by Moving" , which is coordinated by Soros International House was among the selected ones

Language Fair in Vilnius

The Language Fair as the final project "Learning by Moving"campaign event was organised on the 18th September at the Europe square in Vilnius.Fair participants were invited to travel from one stop to the other and check their skills in English, German or Spanish, participate in interesting competitions, while working on different tasks, crosswards. They could win different prizes. All campaign winner was awarded the campaign prize - free language course at Soros International House.


Photos from the event

4th Project "Learning by Moving" Partners Meeting in Iasi, Romania, 2007

The fourth project partners meeting was organized on the 10-11th of September, 2007 and was hosted by Romanian team in Iasi.
During the first day project meeting participants took part at the conference "Integrating Socrates Projects’ Ideas and Results across Europe" and projects’ Fair. As well as presentation of "Learning by Moving" project, there were a lot of other linguistic projects presented by representatives from EuroEd foundation, British Council in Iasi and other educational institutions.
During the second day one of the most important issue on the agenda was the presentation of how the campaign was run in each partner country following the sent pre-meeting tasks. Partners shared their experience, discussed the problems they had encountered, impact on TG and others. All were of the opinion, that the campaign had met their expectations and even more than that. The new English team member Mark Appleton, was greatly impressed by what had been done organising and running campaigns.

Then the discussion about the final project product and its content took place.

Project partners not only worked, but also had some time for visiting sights. Bucovina monasteries with painted images on a background of emerald green impressed everybody.

The third project partners meeting was organized in Wroclaw on 17-18th November.
The most important issue on the agenda was the presentation of how the campaign is being run in each partner country. Everybody was excited, because it was really interesting to share experience, to find out what was going on in other countries, to learn some new things from partners.
In most countries the campaign started in September by exhibiting campaign info in PT stop shelters and placing posters with social phrases on public transport, distributing give back forms. The campaign has already been run for two months.In Lithuania public transport users can not only read phrases in different languages, but listen to them recorded . This makes learning more exciting. While in Poland a tram with one carriage covered with project’s graphics goes around Wroclaw drawing people’s attention to the project , encouraging and stimulating them to learn new languages.In Romania the campaign is being run on coaches and mini buses travelling from Iasi, Romania to Palermo, Italy, making European travel more interesting and exciting. In Italy not only buses but public bicycle stands are involved in the campaign. In Germany the campaign could only take place over the period of four weeks , but it turned into a general campaign on intergration of imigrants into society.
All the meeting participants were impressed by what has been going on in partner countries. Project coordinator thanked everybody for what has been done so far.
The second day of the meeting was full of discussions.It was agreed on the final project product and a timetable for internal visits was set up.
Project partners had a chance to ride on a tram covered with project graphics and interview its passengers. Tram users supported the campaign and were of the opinion that language learning is very important .
Project hosts prepared an exciting program from visiting interesting places to tasting Polish national cuisine.
Project LEARNING BY MOVING campaign has been launched in Vilnius!
It started on the 18th of September when posters with info in PT stop shelters and posters with social phrases in three languages :Lithuanian, English and Polish inside trolleybuses appeared for the first time. As well as the annoucement for the next stop, people could hear useful phrases played in Lithuanian, English and Polish.
In two days time bags with worksheets for passengers to complete were placed on trolleybuses.
The beginning of the campaign was widly highlighted by local mass media and the information about the campaign appeared on the first page of the BBC News.
Join our campaign and you will have a chance to win free language course
at Soros International House !

2nd Project "Learning by Moving" Partners Meeting in Milan, Italy, 2006

The second project meeting in Milan started with visiting a Bicycle stands (a place where the Italian partners are going to run a campaign) together with the representative of San Donato Town Council. This is the place where Italian partners are going to organize a campaign.
Then all the project partners were taken on a bus tour along the line where the posters will be used to the town Hall to meet the Mayor of the city and other representatives of the local Authorities. The project was presented to the authorities of San Donato, representatives from the national mass media and project partners from different countries were introduced. All the partners were impressed by what had been done to help people of San Donato and make their life more comfortable and enjoyable.
After the reception at the Town Hall, project partners were taken to bus stop shelters, where the posters will be displayed during the campaign.
In the afternoon partners presented results of the piloting sessions which took place in their countries and discussed with partners. Everybody agreed that they all had noticeably moved forward in the progress of the project and everything was going on smoothly following the plan.
Thenpartners discussed the situation with PT companies, the possibilities to use audio recordings on PT, means of transport, ways of spreading giveback forms and others. Partners agreed to discuss with local authorities the final campaign event. It could be a fair or something big for public.
Besides working on project issues, project partners had a very good time sightseeing in Milan, enjoying national cuisine in cozy cafes or meeting teachers from Milan IH.


17-20th November the initial meeting of Socrates Lingua 1 project "Learning by Moving" took place in Hamburg. Project partners came from Lithuania, Poland, Romania, UK, Italy and Malta. Hosting institution Hamburg Volkshoschule organized a nice warming party for project participants on the eve of the initial project meeting.
SIH, coordinator of this international project prepared the program for 2 days working session.Director of Hamburg Volkshoschule Hannelore Bastian came to the meeting to welcome everybody and express her delight being part of this project, because it’s very interesting and unusual. People travel a lot on public transport, so why not to give them a chance to learn some new things and to take all their thoughts away. The project will be very useful.
It was a nice experience for most of the project partners to meet for the first time and not only to decide on the main issues of the project, but also learn more about the partners , their countries, institutions and families.
During two days of intensive work partners discussed the project, elaborated work plan for the first year and shared tasks and responsibilities between partners, set deadlines for activities. The project is aimed at reaching the general public via campaign on Public transport in different countries, helping people to realize the importance of languages. Discussion on the context of the info signs, on the topics for social phrases, design of the campaign materials was among the most important items on the agenda. Project partners split into work groups to elaborate a text for info signs and select topics for social phrases. It was agreed to discuss the phrases for eye-catching signs in PT stop shelters with local institutions and send the reflections back in one week.
The campaign on PT was briefly discussed too. Representative from Hamburg public transport Annelie Wostenfeld gave a presentation of the company, which is one of the leading companies in Europe and shared experience in using ads on PT.
The initial meeting was a successful one and a good team was formed. Everybody was satisfied with the work done and enjoyed working together.Hard work during the day was comprised with nice sightseeing tours in the evenings.Meeting hosts did their best to show the most attractive places of the city.


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