Socialinės apsaugos ir darbo ministerija
Dear Daiva Malinauskiene,

        We are applying to you in order to thank you for qualified and competitive professors, who taught foreign languages the employees of the Ministry of Labor and Social security. Especially we would like to express our gratefulness for Algis Šveikauskas lessons. He is really a very interesting person, but mainly he is a wonderful teacher. His experience and capacity to teach foreign language admired us.
         Friendliness, knowledge of subject, capacity to communicate and to
engage the students in the subject are the obligatory features for a good teacher. In our opinion, Algis Šveikauskas could honestly be so characterized.
         During the courses of English lessons we really improved our English language knowledge: listening and speaking skills, grammar knowledge and common language (also work language) vocabulary. Besides, we were really pleased for teacher‘s responsibility to come to our lessons always prepared.
         We would like not only to thank you, but also to ask you to leave us a possibility to improve our English language skills with the same teacher. In our opinion, it is really purposeful to work in the same composition with the same teacher. Our group got used to the teacher, understood his teaching methods and came to like his personality.
        We kindly ask you to leave Algis Šveikauskas to teach our group.
        We really hope that our autumn course will start with the same teacher.

                                               Respectfully yours,
                                                         Irena Š.
                                                         Vida L.
                                                         Raimonda S.
                                                         Jurgita K.

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