TACTICS - Lifelong Games
TACTICS - Lifelong Games



Lifelong Learning Programme Grundtvig Multirateral Project

In October, 2011 SIH started implementation of the international project „TACTICS – Lifelong Games“ together with partner-organisations from Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Turkey. The project is coordinated by VEREIN MULTIKULTURELL, Austria. It generally deals with games for elderly people. Especially migrants and members of ethnic minorities will remember games from their childhood. They will provide their knowledge for the collection of a game box for seniors. After a necessary adaptation, the games will be tested in all partner countries – with the help of the target group.

 Due to the demographic change today 40 percent of all European citizens are 55 years of age and older. In 2020, about 60 percent of all citizens will be 55 years and older. Thanks to medical progress, most seniors enjoy a longer, healthy and active life. But a considerable share of this age group is faced with handicaps. Most of them are cared for at home – looked after by family members, volunteers, and caregivers who themselves are 50 years and older.

Especially in the case of decreasing mental abilities, these family members looking after their weak relatives, need support to handle the daily challenges (space for their own recreation, free time to manage necessary duties). Games support the intergenerational learning (especially in the family circle), and make visits from friends and volunteers much more enjoyable and offer by this means the necessary space for the caretakers – TACTICS offers enjoyable solutions for the care of the elderly in Europe.

In addition, by offering games with low language requirements, TACTICS helps elder people to establish new contacts. For the family this means an additional stimulus for intergenerational communication. In care facilities the communication between the different cultures, the residents and the visiting volunteers is facilitated and the danger of social isolation is reduced.

The European playing culture functions as low-threshold access to Life-Long-Learning. Existing skills – also those acquired informally – are further developed by playing.

By collecting still known games (memories of childhood) within various cultures, together with their cultural background, TACTICS contributes to the preservation and development of an historic treasure from different parts of Europe.

The training of the lay-caretakers (family members, volunteers) within the frame of TACTICS empowers them to take care about the elderly for a longer period of time by reducing the risk of burnout.
TACTICS project exploitation workshop

23 September 2013 SIH held an exploitation workshop where final products and results of LLP Grundtvig project “TACTICS – Lifelong Games” were introduced to the participants. Participants included people taking care of their elderly relatives, volunteers dealing with seniors as well as volunteer coordinators and education professionals.

SIH director Daiva Malinauskiene opened the workshop by introducing the final product – TACTICS game box, and the ways it could be used by final beneficiaries.

During the practical part of the workshop SIH project coordinator Gileta Kieriene invited the participants to try the project results themselves – to play the TACTICS games developed by the project partners and then share their experiences on the ways it could be incorporated into their professional and social care activities.

Workshop photogallery...

5th partner meeting and final conference in Innsbruck, Austria

The fifth TACTICS partner meeting and the final conference took place in Innsbruck, Austria, on 4-6 September 2013. The conference was organised in the Municipal Seniors Home Pradl. It was opened by Christine Oppitz-Plörer, mayor of Innsbruck. Project partners from Austria, Lithuania, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Spain and Turkey as well as a number of guests – representatives of the associated project partners and various Austrian educational institutions, senior homes, NGOs participated in the conference.

SIH director Daiva Malinauskiene, project coordinator Gileta Kieriene and accountant Elvyra Mikeleviciene represented SIH at the meeting and conference.

4th partner meeting in Samsun, Turkey


The 4th LLP Grundtvig Multilateral project “TACTICS: LIFELONG GAMES” partner meeting took place in Samsun, Turkey on 11-13 March 2013. The partners from Lithuania, Italy, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Ireland and Austria attended the meeting.


During the meeting the partners assessed the project progress, shared their experiences and feedback on the piloting of the Course for Carers and the games implemented in the partner countries. Based on the piloting results partners decided to include 10 games into the final game-box instead of the initial 14, as it was discovered that some of the games appeared to be completely unsuitable for the target groups. Partners discussed the adaptations of games to be made to meet the needs of seniors. Furthermore, upcoming dissemination activities, project exploitation and sustainability strategies were analyzed in detail.


Project coordinator Gileta Kieriene represented SIH at the meeting.


SIH organised a seminar in Vilnius
January 10-11, 2013 SIH organised a seminar ‘Elderly homecare: the use of games’. This event took place within the framework of the international LLP project funded by EU, ‘TACTICS: lifelong games’.


Participants included people taking care of their elderly relatives, volunteers dealing with seniors as well as volunteer coordinators. Around 20 people took part in the seminar, including ‘Order of Malta’ and ‘Caritas Lithuania’ volunteers, social project coordinators from ‘Jewish Community of Lithuania’, and representatives of ‘Vilnius Social Support Centre’.

The aim of the seminar was to learn to see board games through new eyes, with emphasis on its usage while nursing seniors and the fact that they encourage communication, mutual trust and help express feelings. During the second day of the seminar the participants, together with psychotherapist G. Kacergyte, were looking for alternative and unexpected ways to relax, decrease tension, combat stress and prevent exhaustion.

6 out of 12 games prepared by the project partnership were tested during the seminar. All of them will comprise the final output of the project – the TACTICS game-box.

A large number of people were very interested in both the topic and the programme of the seminar, to the extent that not everyone willing to participate could have been invited.

Photogallery from the seminar

TACTICS 3th partners meeting, 30 September - 2 October 2012, Vilnius (Lithuania)
The 3rd  LLP Grundtvig Multilateral project “TACTICS: LIFELONG GAMES” partners meeting took place in Vilnius on 30 September – 2 October 2012. The partners from Lithuania, Italy, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Ireland and Austria attended the meeting.


During the meeting the partnership assessed the project progress, discussed  the implementation of the Course for Carers in partner countries, and piloted the already developed games.

2  October the project team participated in the event „Aging Calls for Action!“ organised by Soros International House together with the Global Initiative on Psychiatry to celebrate The International Day of  Older Persons. The event was supported  by Vilnius City Municipality, and took place in the Vilnius City Council and in the Europe square. It was attended by more than 80 participants – older people, representatives from various institutions and organizations. During the event the project coordinator Ovagem Agaidyan spoke on behalf of the partnership and presented to the audience the project.

Director Daiva Malinauskiene and project coordinator Gileta Kieriene represented SIH at the meeting.

TACTICS 2nd partners meeting, 1-4 April 2012,  Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain)

The second project partners meeting took place in Bilbao (Basque country, Spain) on 1-4 April 2012. The partners from Lithuania, Italy, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Ireland and Austria attended the meeting.

During the meeting the partnership assessed the project progress, discussed  the dissemination plan. The Needs Analysis and State of the Art Reports of each partner country and the summary on the results were presented and discussed.

Then the partners worked on the list of the suggested games, discussed the adaptation ideas. The outline of the training course for informal carers was presented.

Director Daiva Malinauskiene and project coordinator Gileta Kieriene represented SIH at the meeting.

The 3rd project meeting will take place in Vilnius on 30 September-2 October 2012.

TACTICS Kick off meeting, 23-26 October 2011, Stuttgart, Germany

The project kick-off meeting took place in Stuttgart, Germany on 23-26 October 2011. The partners from Lithuania (SIH),  Austria (Verein Multikulturell), Germany (IEIE), Ireland (Exchange House), Italy (ASEV), Turkey (Mozaik) and Spain (Goitziri) attended the meeting. The director Daiva Malinauskiene and project coordinator Gileta Kieriene represented Soros International House.

 During the meeting the partners discussed the idea of the project, the aim and objectives, workpackages and planned results, partners divided roles and responsibilities among themselves, discussed activities for the first year of the project implementation.

SIH will take the responsibility for evaluation of the training course and piloting, exploitation of the developed products

Next partners meeting will be hosted in Spain in April 2012.


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