Your loved one has an upcoming birthday, and you still don’t know what to give them?

Soros International House can offer you a great solution! Surprise your loved ones by purchasing them our gift coupons!

(For more information on gift coupons contact our administration office)

For LAISVALAIKIS cardholders:

- 24.62 Eur discount for General English course in Lithuania (40 acad. hrs for adult learners and 40 acad. hrs for young learners in a group of at least 5 people).

- 14.48 Eur discount for General English intensive summer course in Lithuania (40 acad. hrs. in a group of at least 5 people).

  • A discount is calculated off the original price of language courses.
  • Only cardholders are eligible for the discount.
  • The discount is not valid in case the language course is tailored to meet Your individual needs.
  • The discount does not apply to other SIH special offers.


  • Language courses discounts for students who have been studying in SIH for the second or more semesters
  • For 3 or more family members studying in SIH (7.24 Eur discount for each family member).
  • A negotiable discount for companies‘ employees (more than 20 people from each company).
  • 5-20% discount for people with disabilities and people who receive social security benefits.
  • 11.58 Eur discount for the ones who registered during our open days.