Summer Day Camp in Vilnius

SIH English Summer Day Camp - benefits from a young age!

2018 SIH English Summer Day Camps were organized on:

  • 11-22 June
  • 6 - 17 August
Where? SIH Konstitucijos ave. 23 A, 3rd floor, Vilnius
When? June-August (dates for 2019 will be published later)
Age? Ages 6 - 13

100 Eur (1 week) or 195 Eur (2 weeks)

A remark. Ticket fees for the museums and bus tickets are not included in the price.

Operating hours? Monday to Thursday - 9am to 5pm, Friday - 9am to 4pm (For parents' convenience, early drop off from 8.30am and extended collection up to 5.30pm, Friday - up to 4.30pm)
Preliminary daily schedule?

9.00-9.30 Wake up activities

9.30-12.40 English Classes

12.45-13.30 Fun games in English

13.30-14.00 Lunch

14.05-16.10 Sports and/or educational trips

16.15-17.00 Computers

English lessons? Children are placed into groups according to their language level and are involved into 4 English lessons daily using both traditional and non-traditional approaches - class learning, interactive board, computer based learning, interactive games.
Teachers and camp leaders? Teaching staff is composed of certified professional English teachers both from Lithuania and abroad. Sports, theatre, art, photography and other activities are going to be conducted by resourceful students or professionals in their respective fields.
Camp Certificate? Camp certificates indicating the completion of the English course and recording extraordinary participation in a certain field are issued for every camper.


For more information please contact SIH administration at (+370 5) 272 4879, (+370) 600 20636,


„Sveiki visi. Labai dėkoju už linksmas dienas. Man čia labai patiko..."


„Linkiu tiems, kurie lankys ir lanko dabar šią mokyklėlę daug laimės, kad gerai praeitų laikas ir sėkmės. O mokytojams noriu padėkoti, kad mane išmokė. Dėkoju anglų mokytojai, Džekui, dailės mokytojai, teatro mokytojai, kompiuterių mokytojai, kūno kultūros mokytojoms. Noriu padėkoti direktorei, kad buvo mums tokia gera, mylėjo mus. Ačiū jums už viską. Linkiu visiems daug laimės."


„Mokykla! Linkiu, kad egzistuotum dar 1000 metų. Kad būtum pilna vaikų... Kad sektųsi ir viskas neštų pelną!"


„Linkiu jums visiems daug drąsos, o ypač dėkoju direktorei ir taip pat dėkoju mokytojoms Rūtai, Gabrielei, Marijai, Ramunei, Gintarei, Džekui."


„Linkiu jums dar daugiau mokinių ir kantrybės."