The INCrEAsE training program is already being piloted in the project partner countries

Since autumn 2019, Soros International House and partners have been implementing the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project INCrEAsE, which aims to strengthen the intercultural communication competencies of adult educators working in various formal & non-formal educational settings in order to help them to overcome the challenges arising from their everyday work with multicultural & multilingual learners’ populations.​

Under the leadership of the SIH team, a training programme for adult educators has been developed and is currently being piloted in all six project partner countries.

According to the evaluation already received, the training programme is very professionally prepared and can be useful not only for adult educators. So, if you work with multicultural and multilingual learners, please read the document, the English version of which can be found here.

In autumn 2021, after evaluating and summarizing the results of the piloting, the final version of the programme will be prepared, which later will be translated into all the languages ​​of the project partners.