Green Future project event at Vilnius Karoliniškių gymnasium

On November 22, 2023 the Nordplus Adult project "Green Future" event - the conference "Green Deal - let's create a sustainable future together" took place at Vilnius Karoliniškių Gymnasium. The participants of the conference were presented by a keynote speaker Lina Paškevičiūtė, chairwoman of the Environmental Coalition, who delivered the presentation "How is Lithuania moving towards a green future?".

Then, group work took place, the participants analyzed the situations based on the stories collected by the project's Steering Group. The working groups were moderated by Arūnė Taunytė, a member of the board of the Lithuanian Adult Education Association, Angelė Vekterienė, a teacher at the Vilnius Karoliniškių Gymnasium, and Regina Dovidavičiūtė, a mentor of the "Seniors' World".

At the end of the conference, a panel discussion "Let's create a sustainable future today" took place. The pannelists: Regina Dovidavičiūtė, Arūnė Taunytė, Angelė Vekterienė and students of the Vilnius Karoliniškių Gymnasium Simona Mateikaitė, Šarūnas Kurbavičius, Patricija Zenkevič and Neda Gudžiūnaitė.

The conference was moderated by the project coordinator SIH director Daiva Malinauskienė.