Learn languages during the summertime at SIH!

SIH warmly invites you to join language programmes during the summertime!

  • Intensive Language Courses in Vilnius during the Summertime - 3 weeks 4 times a week, each lesson lasts for 150 min!

Choose from a variety of 13 languages to learn in groups: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Lithuanian, French, Turkish, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Chinese, Japanese languages.

2019 SIH intensive language courses will be organised on:

  • I. 17 June - 5 July
  • II. 8 - 26 July
  • III. 29 July - 16 August
  • IV. 19 August - 6 September


English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese,

Lithuanian, French, Turkish, Russian

159 Eur
Swedish, Norwegian 259 Eur
Chinese, Japanese 233 Eur


 Please contact us on tel. +370 600 20636 or at e-mail  info@sih.lt and we will kindly register you!


  • English Language Summer Camp in Bertasiunai, Lithuania!

When? 29 July - 9 August 2019    

Where? Bertasiunai homestead is located in beautiful and calm Veisiejai Regional Park, nearby Trikojis lake     

Age? Ages 10-18

Price? 429 Eur

More information about the camp: https://sih.lt/en/languages-courses/for-younger-learners/summer-camps-in-lithuania

Please contact us on tel. +370 600 20636 or at e-mail  info@sih.lt and we will kindly register you!


  • Summer Programmes/Camps Abroad for Younger Learners and Adults

SIH will assist you in choosing the centre and your preferred course, we will contact our colleagues abroad and arrange all the details regarding your learning and boarding, as well as provide assistance with filling in all the necessary documents and confirming your registration.

SIH service price: 50 Eur.


  • CELTA course

CELTA is the key initial teacher training qualification from the University of Cambridge and is recognised all over the world by schools, universities and many Ministries of Education.

CELTA course will be organised on 17 June - 12 July 2019.
Price: 1150 Eur
Maximum No of participants: 12
Main Course Tutor (MCT): Joe Fisher

More information: https://sih.lt/en/teacher-training/celta-course


Any questions?

If you have any questions or need any further information, please contact us on tel. +370 5 272 48 79, +370 600 20636 or at e-mail  info@sih.lt and we will kindly help you! We very much look forward to meeting you soon at SIH!