Art Meets Digital Technology

Erasmus+ Programme / Strategic Partnerships

Art Meets Digital Technology

Duration of the project: 01/09/2019 - 31/08/2021


  • Die Etage, Germany
  • Smashing Times Theatre Company Limited, Italy
  • Soros International House, Lithuania
  • K Milios and SIA OE, Greece

About the project:

Digital technology is at the core of significant change in many areas of our lives also in the creative sector made up of concrete and tangible pieces of art. Contemporary art is influenced by the rapid development in digital technology and by the progression in the introduction of new, more attractive and tougher materials that artists can work with. New forms such as net art, digital installation art, and virtual reality, swiftly had risen and became recognized artistic practices. Therefore the artists have to manage and work with these enormous variety of techniques, and they need to hone their skills and understand these techniques well in order to maximize the capabilities they offer.

We, consortium partners want to exchange experience and practice how digital technology is affecting the art world, artists, circuses, varieté/vaudeville, theaters; discuss about tools of digital technology and their usage, neccessary settig ups and pathways to upskill artists= acrobats, dancers, painters, set designers, musical artists, mime artists, players…

We initiate a working group activity and adopt the indentified themes to partners`organsiation /local/national art scene and create a practice-based itinarary. We discuss and explore the different perspectives as digital technology beeing a tool

  • for the creative work
  • also for sustain and revenue models for financing and sustainibility for artists` business models;
  • and which "new" skills are neccessary to understand the techniques well in order to maximize the capabilities of artists. At the end a summary and conclusions will be presented.

A short term learning activity will be a tangible experience for „how to use VR, options to integrate VR“, to learn through (own) exploration. Project meetings, workshops in Vilnius, Athens, Dublin and Berlin, website, social media postings will help for information, awarenes raising about project and its partners and activities.


  • Awareness raising and animating a discussion about the project topic by involving relevant stakeholders
  • Getting sound information and possible practices about:
  1. digital technology affecting artists
  2. digital formats audiences using
  3. VR as being a tool for artists for their performances , entertainment and advertisment; neccessary investments, knowledge for using VR
  4. revenue models for financing like fundraising, crowd funding, digital branding, partnerships as well as instruments for the conception and structuring of the online presence, digital customer approach, social media marketing channels
  5. identifying skills and competencies artist needs to cope with digital technology
  • Shaping new partnerships, collaborations, synergies
  • Diagnosing challenges, opportunities, limitations


On 30 April 2020 Art2.0 project partners met online for the second time


On 27 March 2020 the 2nd partner meeting of the project Art2.0 was organised online


On 13-14 February 2020 Art2.0 project presented in Florence, Italy


On 7-8 February 2020 Art2.0 project presented in Rumšiškės, Lithuania


On 24-25 October 2019 a kick-off meeting of Art2.0 project was organized in Berlin, Germany