TALES@home (Talking About Language and EmotionS at home)

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TALES@home (Talking About Language and EmotionS at home)


Why this project?

  • Members of multilingual families sometimes struggle with the multilingual context they live in. They have negative connotations towards one or some of the languages spoken at home or in society.
  • Professionals (educators, social/medical workers, teachers etc.) who face these multilingual families struggle to help them expressing these attitudes, they struggle to bend the negative connotations into positive ones.

We want to:

  • Address non-formal language learning in the multilingual home. More specifically the motivations and beliefs in the family about language use and learning.
  • Empower parents and by extension the whole family to manage language use at home and to create a positive and stimulating environment.

How do we support multilingual families?

  • By creating an open atmosphere in which decisions on language maintenance/shift are considered and are debatable.
  • By reinforcing the mutual understanding between different generations so they are able to handle negative attitudes and reinforce the positive ones.

What will we produce?

  • A digital app used by multilingual families with support of professionals.
  • A user’s guide and film to sustain professionals with practical instructions for using the app
  • Training for professionals
  • May 2018: International Conference: ‘Languages@home: empowering multilingual families’ in Brussels

We develop these tools by ‘User centered Design’: involving multilingual families and professionals throughout the whole project.

Project partners:

  • Foyer vzw, Belgium
  • Soros International House, Lithuania
  • Universita Degli Studi Di Palermo, Italy
  • Accademia Europea Bolzano, Italy
  • Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen, Belgium
  • Double Helix Resources, Great Britain
  • European Network of Social Authorities, Italy


On 24 January 2020 "TALES@home" project presented in Birštonas, Lithuania


Erasmus+ project "TALES@home" partner meeting and the final project conference followed by the expert meeting took place in Brussels, Belgium

On 7-9 May 2018, Erasmus+ “TALES@home” (www.talesathome.eu) project partners met in Brussels, Belgium for the 5th partner meeting and the final project conference “TALKING ABOUT LANGUAGE AND EMOTIONS AT HOME. EMPOWERING MULTILINGUAL FAMILIES“, which was followed by the international expert meeting.

During the 5th partner meeting representatives of partner institutions from Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom and Lithuania reviewed the project progress and results, planned the upcoming final activities.

The final international project conference and the expert meeting have attracted interest of many professionals and practitioners working with multilingual families, researchers, policy makers from different European countries. During the conference on the 8th May, the participants were introduced to the main intellectual output of the project – an ­interactive Tool to Talk about Language and Emotions at Home, as well as other important results of the project. The conference speakers from Sweden, Germany, Italy, the UK and Belgium addressed the issue of multilingualism in families. The topic was discussed in detail during the international expert meeting that took place on the 9th May. The event was attended by professionals and experts from Luxembourg, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, France, UK, Ireland, Norway, Belgium, and Lithuania. The participants shared their experience and expertise related to multilingualism within the family settings, presented good practice examples.

After the events the partners summarized the achievements and defined the steps leading to the sustainability of the project results.

TALES@home presented during the international fair "Studies 2018" in Vilnius, Lithuania


Erasmus+ project "TALES@home" partner meeting in Palermo, Italy

On 17-19 January 2018, Erasmus+ “TALES@home” project partners met in Palermo, Italy. During the 4th partner meeting representatives of partner institutions from Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom and Lithuania reviewed the project progress and planned the upcoming activities. The partners worked on the agenda for the final project conference and the expert meeting to be held in Brussels in May 2018, recorded the lessons that will be uploaded on the project website and are designed to guide professionals using the project App, worked on the final version of the App and the Manual.

Later the partners discussed and approved the calendar of upcoming activities, finalised the dates for the final project conference, expert meeting and the final partner meeting, which will take place in Brussels on 8 - 10 May, 2018.


Tales@home presented in Vaureal, France


The third  TALES@Home partner meeting was held in Vilnius, Lithuania


TALES@Home presented to Lithuanian Adult Educators 


Tales@Home presented to Lithuanian Association of Distance and e-Learning


Tales@Home was presented in Sofia, Bulgaria


Erasmus+ project "Tales at Home" partner meeting took place in London, United Kingdom


The first project TALES@home Partner Meeting took place in Bolzano, Italy