ESF 54+ project 'Learn and volunteer! New Skills for Professional Development and Volunteering' final conference was held in Vilnius, Lithuania

The final international conference 'Professional Work and Volunteering: Challenges and Opportunities at 54+' to present the project 'Learn and volunteer! New Skills for Professional Development and Volunteering' was organized in Vilnius, Lithuania on 6 March 2020 by Soros International House and MC Charity Foundation (M. Čiuželio labdaros ir paramos fondas). More than 60 representatives from the public and non-governmental sectors, project participants, volunteers and seniors participated in the event.

The conference was opened with the welcoming words from I. Jagelavičiūtė, the president of Lithuanian Association of Adult Education (LAAE), and D. Malinauskiene, Soros International House director, the project coordinator, who also presented project's products and results. The participants were also welcomed by a musical greeting from the students of The Faculty of Arts Creative Technologies of Vilniaus kolegija / University of Applied Sciences (lecturer – D. Babilaitė-Abarė).

During the conference, the key speaker journalist and lecturer L. Laurinčiukienė delivered a very informative and charismatic presentation, all participants were involved in workshops led by psychologists B. Aukštuolytė and J. Belevičienė, a panel discussion, moderated by SIH project coordinator G. Kierienė, was held between English teacher D. Valūnas, project participant L. Gudelienė-Gudelevičienė, volunteer V. Lukošius and volunteers' coordinator  I. Čerbulėnienė.

Special thanks to Vilnius Municipality for the opportunity to organise the event in the Conference Hall, to the participants and those who helped organising the conference. Sharing is caring!