IHCTL Course

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SIH has been approved by IH World Organisation Affiliate Network as one of IH Teacher Training Centers since 2003.

These intensive 4 week courses are primarily aimed at teachers with BA degree in English language, whose first language is not English and who have little or no experience in teaching.They are also useful for those more experienced teachers who are willing to systemize their knowledge in teaching and obtain an internationally recognized qualification. These courses provide much practical knowledge on how to develop students' skills, manage class, plan lessons and respond to different teaching/learning situations.

Courses are made of two parts: firstly workshops and seminars, and secondly, supervised teaching practice where the participants of the course can use their teaching knowledge in real situations in the classroom.

Course Fee: 799 Eur

 The course participants should submit the following documents:

  1. CV in English;
  2. Passport copy;
  3. University Diploma copy;
  4. Fill in the registration form.

Course Description:

The International House Certificate in Teaching Languages (IHCTL) is a 4 - week, 120 hour teacher training course designed to prepare candidates for a job or career as a Language Teacher. It consists of four main elements. As the course is focused primarily around learning from the practical experience of preparing lessons and teaching them followed by reflective consideration and evaluation that will inform future lessons, the core element of the course is Teaching Practice. The other three main elements are seminar input, observation of experienced teachers and a component of assessed written work.

Element One Teaching Practice (6 hours of observed and assessed Teaching Practice per candidate, divided between two distinct levels)
Element Two Observed Lessons (30 hours of guided peer observation & 4 hours of guided observation of experienced teachers)
Element Three Written work (3 assignments)
Element Four Seminar input (60 hours)


Core Content

  • Developing the 4 skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing;
  • Analysing language (grammar, lexis, phonology and function) in preparation for teaching;
  • Lesson planning and planning a series of lessons;
  • Introducing, revising, practising and correcting language at a range of levels;
  • Classroom management skills;
  • Evaluation of teaching materials (published and authentic);
  • Motivating and challenging learners of varying styles and backgrounds;
  • Adapting and responding to different learning and teaching environments.

The International House Certificate in Teaching Languages (IHCTL) is awarded to teachers who have followed an approved course programme and passed the practical and written components of the assessment procedure. As candidates are required to attend the 100% of the 120 - hour course in order to pass (or at least 80% where a reason is accepted by the Course Tutor), it is essential that candidates are entirely free from external duties (teaching / administrative work) for the duration of the course.